Whether you way to add realism to a theme night, to get the party started on the dance floor for a special occasion, or to learn how to dance during an event, the Ethereal Tribal dance troupe knows how to entertain you. Our experience in parties of all kinds, corporative events and festivals (Just For Laugh, Mondial des cultures, Festival du Monde Arabe, etc.) prepared us for a situations.

Do you want to create a magic atmosphere? Are looking for a special performance to put the final touch to your event? Write to info@etherealtribal.com and one of our members will communicate with you in order to plan a performance that will fit your event and your budget. 


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Tribal Fusion


Tribal Fusion is a modern style of bellydance (often called "baladi" in Quebec) that can take many forms. It mixes bellydance with various movements inspired from different dances such as flamenco, Indian dance, hip hop, pop&lock, and more. This makes it the perfect dance style for your out-of-the-ordinary theme nights.

So if you are looking for bellydancers that can pull off an urban, tribal or fantasy look and who can perform to all kinds of musical genres: you just found them! Ethereal Tribal has a repertoire of dynamic and bewitching choreographies to propose and its members can also improvise to a music of your own choice to create an unforgettable atmosphere. So if you have a special project, don't hesitate to contact us!

Bellydance, also called raks sharki, is sensual, elegant and dynamic. It is a classic for your one thousand and one nights parties and other oriental themed nights. The performances presented can include the use of a typical accessory, such as the folkloric canne or the silk veil, or the use of a stunning modern prop sur as Isis wings, voï or balancing swords.

​Whether you want to create a mysterious atmosphere or to stun your guests with a refined and spectacular number, Ethereal Tribal can plan a bellydance performance tailored specifically to suit your event.​


Follow the gypsy trail! Highly colorful costumes, swirling skirts, emotion and furious rythms are sure to turn your evening into a memorable gypsy party.

Whether it is to accompany a band of musicians, to make animation or to create a sensual and energetic dance show, the dancers of Ethereal Tribal will transform themselves into gypsies, romanies and bohemians for your enchantment.

Gypsy Dance

Ethereal Tribal performs Tahitian dance (similar to hawaiian hula) to the melodic songs of the South Pacific, to the tantalizing beats of the Tahitian drums and even to surf rock music for your entertainment.

Let the tropical islands heat and rythms animate your event. Whether is it for an office party, a luau, a beach party, a cruise night, a wedding or another thematic event. Ethereal Tribal can offer a dance performance or animation that will bring your guestsl under the Tahitian sun.


Polynesian Dance